We’re pushing for blockchain mass adoption through education and charity

We’re building sustainable and scalable solutions in the charity and educational sectors on the Reecore Blockchain

What is Reecore What

Reecore is a peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency for ordinary people, easy to use and acquire.
Reecore summarizes the best characteristics of digital currencies, which were issued earlier (Bitcoin, Peercoin), such as: increased security, fast consensus mechanism, and increased decentralization achieved by requiring miners to prove the knowledge of the transaction data.

The community has created a coin with faster transaction, more secure, masternode, completely anonymous and low transaction fee. With the new REEX, your transaction is now private and absolutely untraceable by the third party.

POS + Masternodes

Users can mine or validate block transactions according to how many coins they hold. They can also support the network by running full nodes and earn rewards.

Fast & Secure Wallet

ReeeCORE boast almost instant transactions with a highly secure wallet on all platforms; Windows, IOS and Android.

Superb Use cases

ReeCORE aims at becoming the cryptocurrency for the educational and charity sectors by building educational and charity hubs right on top of the Blockchain


Reecore is not just another cryptocurrency in the market. It has specific use cases in the educational and charity sectors which is to build decentralized global educational and charity hubs with REEX at the very center of transactions.

  1. The Reecore platform features a system where authors and instructors make their work available .
  2. Reecore Users access these resources on the platform.
  3. Transactions and remittances are done using REEX anonymously
  4. Owners of REEX can either stake their REEX or create masternodes according to the number of REEX being held in their wallets.

The MAJOR Problem Problem

Centralized Educational Hubs
Many of the existing educational hubs are centralized and as are result of that are prone to censorship and restrictions to certain countries
Inaccessible Funds
Many charity organizations suffer delays in accessing donations to them after crowdfunding campaigns have been completed. Some of these delays take months and in some cases, funds never arrive
Inadequate Cross Border Payments
This has always been one of the major issues with traditional FIAT currencies and financing systems. Restrictions to funds based on country and other reasons is a major issue
Expensive Remittances
Most payment processors charge exhorbitantly for receiving and transferring funds from one user to another. Hence making funds transfer difficult or sometimes almost impossible


Decentralized Edu Hub

Education and Charity  Hubs where there are no participation or transaction restrictions, adequately decentralized, instant remittances and many more

Cross Border Payments

Reecore allows for global cross border payments between authors and readers, instructors and their students, philanthropists and charity organizations.

Instant Access to Funds

Authors, Instructors and Charity organizations have immediate access to their funds when payments and donations are made, getting rid of the middle man

Masternodes & Staking

Reecore holders have the option to stake their coins or create masternodes for extra coin rewards. This opens users up to a safe and secure way of earning residual income

Anonymous Transactions

With the darksend feature, Reecore boasts of a truly anonymous transaction system useful for private transactions.

Very Low Fees

Transaction fees on the Reecore Blockchain are almost zero making it a very viable option to using existing centralized systems.

Mobile Wallets

The Reecore wallet is accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at anytime via mobile wallets

Reecore Foundation

The aim of the Reecore foudation is to promote entrepreneurship globally while setting up various ways of empowering and funding programs to ensure this is actualized.

The ReeCORE App Apps

Reecore is available in mobile applications on both Android and IOS platforms

Reecore is mobile. You can carry it wherever you go!

  • Almost Instant Transactions
  • Efficient Data Retention
  • Stake Minimum Age – 10 hrs
  • High Anonymity (Darksend Feature)
  • Fast Consensus Mechanism

REEX Coin Information TOKENOMICS

A short breakdown about the technical specs of the REEX coin

Block Time/ Block Reward

90 secs/ 3MB

Transaction Confirmation

18 Blocks

Min Stake

6 hrs

Max Supply

21 million




POS + Masternodes

Crex 24 BITE BTC Excoincial


Nov 1st 2018

Announcement of New Reecore

Nov 12th 2018

Community chooses specs of New Reecore

Dec 14th 2018

Swap process announced

Dec 28th 2018

Swap Process Finished in major exchanges

January 6th 2019

REEX vision.

January 11th 2019

Listed on Mnrank

January 18th 2019

Mac wallet released.

February 2nd 2019

Web wallet launched.

February 16th 2019

REEX android wallet launched

April - June 2019

Team Expansion - Developers and Experts for education resources

Launch REEX SPV Wallet

Test Reecore API to integrate into various websites

July 2019

Test Launch the Reecore Online library

August 2019

Integrate ReeCore into a partner online market

September - November 2019

ReeCore Africa Event

Partnership with key bloggers and integration of Reecore API

December 2019

- Reecore South America Event - Team Expansion

Executive Team TEAM

Meet the amazing people behind the Reecore revival project

Olaitan Oyebola

Saajan Hanamsagaar

David Capellan

Charles Wundengba

Fabrizio Amodio
Lead Blockchain Developer

Enitan Bello
Blockchain Developer

Dane Hollenbach
Full-stack Software developer

Alain Cáceres
Full-stack Software developer

Nakayama Kazunori
Community Support

Boris Sinichkin
Community Support

Jose Israel Minguela
Community & Social Manager

Awojobi Oluwaseun
Graphics and Animation


Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided some of the most common questions we have encountered so far. If your question has still not been answered, do send us a mail

ReeCore is a peer-to-peer decentralized digital currency for ordinary people, easy to use and acquire

You can go to the following link and download the windows wallet https://github.com/reecore-coin/Reex/releases/download/2.3/reecore-qt.exe

You can download the Mac wallet by going to the following link : https://github.com/Hser2bio/Reex/releases/download/2.2/reecore-Qt.dmg

The current supply of Reecore can be found by going to explorer : https://reexexplorer.reecore.org/

You can get In touch with any of the admins in their telegram group admins or our Discord Server by going to : https://t.me/Reecore_official https://discord.gg/sze9AaV

Reecore holders have the option to stake their coins for extra coin rewards. This opens users up to a safe and secure way of earning residual income. Checkout our staking partners; Crptostake and Staking.world

The details of master nodes and complete setup guide can be found here : https://github.com/Hser2bio/Reex-MN

Provide Charity organizations with option to be supported using REEX. Help bloggers to get tip using REEX. Providing an online educational resources library for professional courses, writers and readers.

We are listed on Crex24, Fiberchange, x6trade and Unnamed.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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