Hello everyone, we have almost 90 % swap documents checked. We are working hard to finish as soon as possible. We shall send approval or denial email as soon as our analysis is concluded.
We shall give three more days to people who need to send us further evidence and documentations, then we shall determine the premined amount + max supply + amount for masternode

SWAP PROCEEDURES: All those who receive approval emails shall send their approved amount of old coins to a dedicated, labelled wallet (will be in explorer) provided via . You shall receive new coins as we confirm your transfer.

STAKING: Only amount you put in documents during submission shall be eligible amount to be swapped.

How to Get Your Old Coins Off Livecoin:
1. Download wallet 2.0 and sync
2. Let wallet full sync
3. Get new address in offline wallet
4. Send from Livecoin to this offline wallet the REE

IMPORTANT ADVICE: Some wallets are still in old version, if you try send coins from Livecoin to offline wallet and offline wallet have another version that 2.0 you will loose your coins. Please BE Aware, to avoid lose you can check in or in help-about in your wallet. All users need stay in wallet 2.0 version

Old Wallets:
Old Mac Wallets:
Old Mac Wallet Setup Video:
Old Windows Wallet:
Old Windows Update instructions: