Bug Fixed, New Wallet Released

Dear Community,

We are glad to inform you that we fixed the bug that someone exploited Monday. This attack made a lot of stakes and fakes blocks on our blockchain. Our new wallet will NOT accept the fake stakes, it shall be marked as “red’’ such as orphan blocks (almost all day in 14.15.15 of January).

This fix is MANDATORY WALLET UPDATE, this wallet will NOT accept old nodes, so those who don’t update will not have nodes to sync.

Now you can check transactions in explorer, the circulating supply amount is now correct.

The windows update processes are:

0. Close your old wallet.

1. Make a secure copy of your wallet.dat file (we suggest to external USB drive)

2. Delete all files in C:\Users\YOURWINDOWSUSER\AppData\Roaming\Reecore\
except these files:
(i) Wallet.dat
(ii) Masternodes.conf
(iii) Reecore.conf

3. Download and launch new fixed wallet (reecore-qt_1.2):
Link: https://github.com/Hser2bio/Reex/releases/tag/2.2

4. Let it full sync

1. Masternode and Linux headless will be published as we go on with correction progress.
2. Confirmation with cryptostake.es & Staking.world that update is finish.
3. Work with Crex24 to fix market situation.

Possible Issues:
You might notice some already made masternodes may not be active due to the need for update. It is part of our to-do for this week, but now, it is important for EVERYONE to have updated wallet.

Important advice
DO NOT try to send coins from old wallet to new wallet. Both wallets have different number of blocks and are incompatible.

The ReeCore team has been working tirelessly and nonstop since Monday 14/01/2019 on fixing bug attack. This has been tons of work, we are doing our best to finish as soon as possible.

We thank pool partners and some members that gave their kind support to us during this period.

ReeCore Team

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