Dear Reecorers,

We are pleased to inform you that we have made updated Reecore wallets for improved functionality and stronger security.

Due new masternode collateral amount change, all masternodes must be recreated after block height 450.001.

Update features:

<CODE> New Protocol Version 70930

<CODE> Fixed block explorer rewards calculations

<CODE> Security improved

<CODE> Improved alert to encrypt wallet

<CODE> No flood log with mempool

<CODE> Masternode Collateral amount change to 15.000 REEX (at block height 450.000)

This is a mandatory wallet update for all users. In the next few weeks, old wallet will cease to function.

Updated wallet link:

How to update wallet:

– Windows: Download new wallet, close old wallet and open new wallet.

The 1st of October 2019 at 12.30 CST TIME the new protocol will be activated and old wallets will be banned. We encourage all members to update their wallets as soon as possible before this date.

This is a general wallet update.

Thank you for your continuous support and understanding.


Reecore Team