ReeCore (REEX) is now listed on VAULT Investments

You Can Now Buy and Host REEX on VAULT Investments.

We are very happy to announce, that REEX is now listed on VAULT.Investments.

VAULT Investments was formed back in June 2019 as an investment platform offering instant masternode shares by using a pool of masternodes set up on the backend, which is the most fair way to ensure that everyone will receive a % of masternode rewards equal to their holding.

We will be using all services provided to us by VAULT which will include using their unique ice drop rewards system and coin swap which allows users to deposit BTC and buy REEX directly from us.

VAULT Platform will give us another place to buy and host your REEX from your own account.

VAULT Investments is more than just an investment platform. They are building their own ecosystem of products and services.

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You can also check out their PAWS Animal Charity project, which is due for chain swap and relaunch in early May.