Swap Procedure

Dear Community

We’re glad to announce that we successfully completed the analysis of swap applications. As we promise, all approved applications will be swapped in 1:1 ratio. If you hold 1 Million REE, you’ll receive 1 Million new REE.

In the coming hours, all of you will receive an email from dev@reecoin.tech with the address to send the old REE for swap and email also contain the link and instructions to download new wallet.(check your spam/junk too incase you dont receive)

NOTE: Both old and new wallets can work at same computer

Swap Procedures:

1. Download your New REE wallet and Sync it completely (refer to the wallet link on email)

2. After complete Sync of the wallet, please send the exact amount of old REE to our wallet address as indicated in the email. You will receive the exact amount which you send to us.

3. Reply to email and include screenshot of your transaction ID and please include your “new REE wallet address’’ so we can send you new REE coin.

For those who missed the swap deadline:

As lot of people’s are asking us to support those who missed the second swap deadline, we decided to support them but in 1:5. We hope this helps to bring on those everyone who missed the deadline.

Today we’ll open new swap registration form for those that missed the deadline and applications will close on 27/06/2018.

New REE have Specs:

Ticker: REE
Block time: 90 seconds
Block size: 3 MB
Block Reward: 40 REE and will be reducing
Transaction confirmation: 18 blocks
P2P Port: 32390
RPC Port: 32391
Min Stake: 6 hours
Max Supply: 4 Billions
Swap Supply: 1.72 Billions aprox.
Premined amount: 240 millions (6 % premined)
Masternode amount: 8 millions
Governance: 90% masternode 10% POS

It is important to note that we did not hold any ICO and our premine is very small amount and the rest is for swap and mining. After the swap, the remaining coins will be burned or donated to the charity.

We thank the community for supporting and trusting us. Together, we’ll make REE clean, stronger and better.

ReeCoin Team
The People’s Coin