The calm before the storm

Dear Reecore Community,

We understand perfectly well that your concern about the silence on our part lately and the absence of any significant news and announcements.

There are reasons for this, but the main one is that all our efforts at the moment are focused on the most important thing in our opinion – the development and design of the future education hub. The previous embodiment of the eduhub raised a lot of questions and led us to a dead end, in connection with which it was decided to completely redesign it.


Lets look about the details of what has been done so far:

Firstly, the subject orientation and focus of the platform have been determined – the scientific and technological sectors as follows:


·        The design of the basic structure of all pages and sections of Eduhub is almost completed;

·        The interconnection of all elements of the platform is thought over and designed;

·        The structure and functionality of a user account is being finalized for each of the three categories of Eduhub members – community users, corporate clients and universities;

·        The monetization model is being clarified and improved for each of the participants in particular and for the platform in general;

·        Clarified the model of high-quality selection of educational materials to the platform’s database among incoming materials.

Secondly, we create a platform where everyone will find something for themselves for what they want to do:

·        Choice of courses in any technology area;

·        Corporate trainings;

·        Individual training and self-development;

·        A section for those who want to open their research or development to the world and become visible to employers and universities;

·        Passive income from the general monetization of the platform at the expense of the REEX holding and lifetime income from the sale of materials from attracted content creators.

For universities – the opportunity to sell their research to companies that have the necessary material base for this or receive orders and funding for research and much more.

Thirdly, It should be added that we strive to ensure that community participation should become a determining force in the further direction of the platform’s development, for example:

·        Voting (including masternodes);

·        Search for content and content creators for a stable reward;

·        Suggestions for adding new sections to the hub;

·        Filtering of incoming content etc.


Lastly, believe us, it takes a lot of time and effort to think it over and so far. This is in view of the fact that all these is done without any third-party funding, because you remember that we did not have an ICO or any other type of crowdfunding. And our one of the main tasks in addition to the platform is to create a strong and stable inner economy, in which the REEX will be the central of all payments and activities, for which the deserved demand will appear.

We hope for your understanding and patience as usual.

Best regards,

Reecore team